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Former astronaut and Senator John Glenn died at the age of 95 years
Society: Декабрь 08, yesterday
Former astronaut and Senator John Glenn died at the age of 95 years
The first American who has committed an orbital space flight, and Senator from Ohio John Glenn died at the age of 95 years. Reported by the Associated Press. discuss
The senators urged trump to take a tough stance against Russia
Politics: Декабрь 08, yesterday
The senators urged trump to take a tough stance against Russia
The senators urged the elected President of the USA of Donald trump to take a "tough stance" against Russia because of the situation in the South-East of Ukraine. On Thursday, December 8, according to Reuters. discuss
Lavrov and Kerry discussed the release of militants from Aleppo
world: Декабрь 09, today
Lavrov and Kerry discussed the release of militants from Aleppo
On Thursday evening, December 8, had a telephone dialogue between the foreign Ministers of Russia and the United States. It is reported that a subject for a telephone discussion between Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry was the settlement of the conflict in Syria. discuss
What questions remain for privatization of
Finance: Декабрь 08, yesterday
What questions remain for privatization of "Rosneft"
Sensational deal to sell 19.5% of Rosneft shares tandem foreign investors (in recent weeks, the baseline was the redemption of the shares of Rosneft, and Glencore's participation no one could assume) still leaves more questions than answers. discuss
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Abramova_Irina 7 days ago

Thanks to the Agency "Rio Lux" for assistance in selling and buying apartments. Special thanks Korolkova Andrew, despite his young age he is a very competent specialist. Despite the many difficulties ...


I want to Express my gratitude to the team of real estate Agency "Rio Lux". I learned about them from friends.We had to sell the apartment, started working with a realtor in mid-October, and today we ...

Sergejj yesterday

Disgraceful service at Labor 33. Boorish attitude of the store employees, in particular, Yulia Valerievna, was presented to Deputy store Manager. A very unpleasant woman, of ham, arrogant, biased atti ...

Lyudmila_Anatolevna yesterday

Use the services of "salve" for many years. Attentive and friendly staff, competent professionals! Especially stylist Vadim - from a simple Granny maybe an hour to do the Queen!Highly recommended! You ...

Alena 8 days ago

Really enjoyed working with Rio Suite, all the staff are very positive, know their stuff and really help. Very quickly sold our apartment, and at the end of the transaction asked me if we have arrange ...


With great gratitude I remember the last deal. Highly skilled professionals from Rio Suite Bike Ekaterina Filippova and Irina were able to skillfully organize our large group of buyers and sellers. No ...

Ekaterina 5 days ago

Still no heating PL ul Gryaznova, d. 35!!!! Although the district heating houses have already given with 29.09.2016. The HBC Manager is rude and hangs up!

pomyalovskogo_15 8 days ago

Was the application about the absence of otoplenie 1 10 2016 locksmith not even looked Although otraportovali that the heating is connected

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Погода в Магнитогорске В 23:00 на метеостанции было -23.8 °C ясно, атмосферное давление в пределах нормы, высокая влажность (78%), штиль.Горизонтальная видимость 4.0 км. В Магнитогорске сегодня в 11:00 ожидается -21°C, без осадков, слабый ветер.