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Contacted the company to sell the apartment! Was very pleased with the work of the employee Isinbaevoj Xenia, responsive, courteous, and very quickly found a buyer and made a deal! Thank you for your work, Ksenia!

1. From 1 January in the case of improper charges and utilities payment service provider is required to pay the consumer a penalty - 50% of the amount of the overstatement. 2. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW IT ! And you know what you pay for ? WHAT EXPECTED FOR FREE ? 3. State support of mortgage borrowe ...

Today 09.01.2018 in 19-at 40mph. visited the shop "Maksimus" K. Marksa Ave., 135 - as always fresh bakery products not (it is in a utility room) is a lot of delay!!! Buns in a package with a shelf life of 120 hours (i.e. 5 days) from December 27-28, 2017. - delay of 8-9 days. This is not an isolated ...

I want to Express my gratitude to the Rio Suite, namely realtor Vatutin Dmitry! With your help I got my first own apartment, one-bedroom, but their own! Thank you from the very beginning to the end led by the hand, and the loan that I received, although everywhere or gave little or denied, and a dis ...

In the group "Droplets" there are 2 Tutors. One of pleasant appearance, polite, always neatly dressed, kids are drawn to it. The second - a blatant babayka, from which the children are shy. In the morning, the children saw this "teacher" strongly resist going to the group, sulking. In the morning, s ...

Our favorite garden.In this garden walked my older girls,now went to the third daughter.In the garden, the child goes with pleasure,all the teachers are wonderful since asiles.Very much I love kiddies.And give all your business.I have a child goes to middle group recently made repairs ,very nice an ...

I want to Express my gratitude to the real estate professional Strukova Elena. In October we purchased an apartment in the building after the Agency "Rio Lux". Helen accompanied us during the whole process. Starting with the initial consultation by phone and to complete the transaction, Elena proved ...

I want to Express my gratitude to the tutor group "Daisies" Tatiana Nikolaevna. For high professionalism, sensitivity to children, care, kindness and warmth. It teaches kids to be friends and to respect each other, to create and to dream. In the locker room always posted of our children, exposed chi ...
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D · Dairy products. ice cream1 · Dental services27 · Department stores1 · Dishes20 · Drilling equipment, spare parts1 · Driving schools129

E · Eggs1 · Electronic components2 · Exhibitions-organization and holding1

F · Fabric11 · Fabric5 · Farm animals and poultry. live fish5 · Farm shops, goods for the home and garden14 · Fast food and semi-finished products2 · Feed for agriculture2 · Fees and second-hand shops27 · Filtration and environmental equipment, accessories2 · Finishing and repair works5 · Floors, floor coverings, carpeting1 · Flower shops6 · Food5 · Food delivery13 · Food industry6 · Foreign languages34 · Forestry, woodworking machinery, equipment, spare parts4 · Fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms6 · Furniture accessories2 · Furniture stores, shops63

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J · Jewelry and lapidary products, jewelry2 · Jewelry shops1 · Jewelry stores17 · Judicial authorities1

K · Klimatehnika3

L · Landline telephone11 · Landscaping equipment, construction hardware3 · Leather and fur16 · Legal services110 · Lifting machinery, equipment, spare parts5 · Lighting12 · Lumber, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, etc.11

M · Machinery, equipment and accessories3 · Management consulting9 · Manufacture of seals, stamps, plastic cards6 · Manufacturing of keys1 · Market complexes1 · Marketing, social research7 · Marriage agencies and dating services2 · Materials for printing and advertising1 · Measuring, scientific, and educational equipment, spare parts2 · Meat products1 · Medical equipment4 · Medical supplies and accessories2 · Medicines and drugs2 · Merchandise16 · Metal structures, prefabricated buildings and kits9 · Metallurgical, metal-processing machinery, accessories3 · Metals and alloys black4 · Metals and alloys nonferrous1 · Metalworking2 · Mini electrical power stations, generators and accessories1 · Mining industry2 · Model agency6 · Mortgage lending12 · Museums, art workshops1 · Music schools, children's schools of arts1 · Musical goods1 · Musical instruments1

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R · Radio. production of radio programs1 · Raw materials and additives for food industry3 · Recording studio4 · Refrigeration equipment, spare parts5 · Rent property from the owner9 · Rental pipe1 · Rental vehicles7 · Repair import cars78 · Repair of cars, domestic cars9 · Repair of snowmobiles, motorcycles, other motorcycles2 · Repair of trucks and buses14 · Repair phones and other means of communication1 · Rescue1 · Rest houses and bases2 · Restaurants41 · Ritual accessories1 · Road construction materials2 · Road transport65 · Roads, bridges3 · Rocks and minerals natural1 · Roofing, facade materials and components9 · Rubber parts for equipment1

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T · Tableware and kitchenware9 · Technical gas1 · Television, video, audio, gaming consoles3 · The administration of cities and districts330 · The air conditioning system1 · The chemicals and resins industrial1 · The electrical grid equipment2 · The executive4 · The mains, service and repair3 · The ministry of emergency situations, fire safety53 · The organization of concerts, celebrations36 · The palaces and houses of culture2 · The radios3 · The rolled sheet4 · The services of a psychologist1 · The water utility, maintenance and repair3 · Tire34 · Tire and wheels5 · Tires, wheels and accessories1 · Tourism international71 · Tourism to russia and travel services1 · Trailers, vans & parts3 · Transportation and logistics services. warehouses7 · Trucking60 · Trucks13

U · Underwear26 · Utility, sweepers and equipment, spare parts7

V · Valuation of real estate. bti2 · Valuation services4 · Vehicles13 · Ventilation system3 · Veterinary services5 · Video surveillance systems5

W · Wall panels and wallpaper, hardware3 · Watch6 · Water transport12 · Water transportation1 · Website development36 · Welding, soldering equipment, consumables, spare parts2 · Window production2 · Windows, doors, grills, hardware22 · Windows, doors, shutters24 · Wire, cables, chains, metal mesh1

Z · Zhko, housing department, management hoa11

About the city of Magnitogorsk

Погода в Магнитогорске В 17:00 на метеостанции было -24.2 °C, ощущается как -35 °C пасмурная погода, очень высокое атмосферное давление, слабый ветер (5 м/с), дующий с северо-востока. В Магнитогорске сегодня в 23:00 ожидается -22°C, без осадков, слабый ветер.